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Cayman’s most trusted Freight Forwarders and Custom Brokers

Our Areas of Expertise Include

Container yard

Customs Clearance

We import the cars for the Motor Museum on the island and we can handle your car with the same level of service and care.

package movers

Shipping and Moving Services

If you are an online shopper, than we can help you with forwarding your items taking advantage of the lowest possible shipping rates available.

professional at a container yard

Online Shopping and Forwarding to Cayman

Sta Mar Enterprises are duty experts. We will work out the appropriate duty tariff for each of the items you are bringing in.

About the Shipping Specialists

Sta-Mar Enterprises is a well-established local business that has been serving the Cayman Islands for over 40 years as a full service freight forwarder, mover and customs broker.

We know the ins and outs of the moving business and can save you time and money if you are:

  • Shipping to Cayman Islands
  • Moving to Cayman Islands
  • Leaving Cayman Islands
  • Doing Business in Cayman Islands
  • Shopping Overseas
  • Vehicle Handling


international transport

Take the stress out of moving. We will take care of all your relocation needs

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Who We Are

Sta-Mar Enterprises have been in business for over 40 years. The company has been run by knowledgeable and hardworking owner manager Ms. Jennifer Kaufman since 1988. Our long term clients as well as new customs quickly learn they can reach out to Jennifer for help anytime. Ms. Kaufman and her team find a way to get a job done every time.

What We Do

If you are planning a move, give us a call. Sta-Mar Enterprises are equipped to handle the moves any size locally and internationally. Our flexible and versatile business model allows our clients to call the shots based on the budget for their planned relocations. Our team offers the customer a range of options to complete any particular move leaving the ultimate decision to our clients.

Sta-Mar Enterprises pride themselves in being Cayman Islands Customs experts. If you have any questions about the duty rates, allowances, customs clearance charges and fees, the team at Sta-Mar is happy to help. We can offer assistance with confusing customs paperwork, customs bonds, various permits and more.

Our Mission Statement

To be efficient, thorough and reliable for our Cayman Island World Wide customers with our professionally trained skills and friendly staff.

Our Service Offer

Sta-Mar Enterprises pride themselves in being able to provide: The most competitive rates for Customs Clearance and International Relocation in Cayman Islands Our Experienced and Knowledgeable staff is available to address any questions you have about shipping your cargo at any time. Our flexible business model allows our clients to pick and pay only for the services they require assistance with.

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