We also specialise in vehicle handling:

✔ Vehicle Import Experts

There are special regulations for bringing in vehicles to Grand Cayman. We know them throughout, so that you don’t have to.

✔ Customs Clearance

We imported the cars for the Motor Museum on island and we can handle your car with the same level of service and care.

Take the stress out of moving. We will take care of all your relocation needs

Duty Determination and Advancement

The duty for the vehicles is charged based on the cost of the vehicle, freight and insurance. The percentage charged is determined by the cost. Sta-Mar can make all the calculations for you. We will advance the charges on your behalf to be collected on delivery.

Licensing with the Local Authorities

We can license your vehicle for the entire year upon its arrival to Cayman Islands. The tags for a full year would cost CI$235.00 and that fee would be payable to Cayman Islands government. Our company would charge CI$150.00 for the service.

Delivery of the Car to Your Home

Whether your car arrives in a container or on a flat rack, we will get your vehicle right to you when you need it.

Sta-Mar can also Export Vehicles Off-island

You can expect the same great treatment when we are handling the export of your vehicle. We will help you in the completion of the paperwork, handle the export documentation, and arrange for freight as well as customs clearance and delivery at the desired destination.